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Eivindvik seen from Flolifjell. Photo: Rune Østerbø

The village of Eivindvik - INFO

While visiting Eivindvik and Gulen county, we hope you also will enjoy the history. The history of Eivindvik and Gulen is very much the history of Nordic democracy. In Eivindvik the Gula Court (Gulatinget) gave birth to the democratic fundament of the Nordic countries through the development of the Gulating Laws at the end of the first millennium. The priest Niels Griis Alstrup Dahl in Eivindvik was representative to the first norwegian national assembly (in 1814) and a significant personality in the development of agricultural organisation, schooling for rural children, health care in the country districts and architecture adjusted to coastal environment.
See also map over the Eivindvik area.

We welcome you all to a historical and pleasant stay in Eivindvik!

Eivindvik harbour. Photo: Tor Galaasen